Identification of galls and gallwasps

For a general introduction into the biology of gallers, a good place to start is Plant galls, an excellent book by Margaret Redfern and Dick Askew,Ê published by Richmond Publishing, Slough, England (1992. 99pages. ISBN 0-85546-285-X (paper), 0-85546-286-8 (hardcover)).

Dr. Gyuri Cs—ka, Head of the Hungarian Government's plant protection service, has produced a beautifully illustrated photographic guide to common European plant galls. You can order this (together with companion volumes of leaf miners and wood-boring insects) online from Pemberley Books here.

For exhaustive identification fo British galls, The Field Studies Council has recently produced an excellent Aidgap key, which you can order online here.

Robin Williams, a member of the British Plant Gall Society, has produced excellentÊ and very user-friendly keys to oak gallwasp galls and their insect inhabitants. He can be contacted via email on